BibleCities Christian Fellowship: Buffalo/Amherst NY BibleCities Christian Fellowship: Buffalo/Amherst NY BibleCities Christian Fellowship: Buffalo/Amherst NY BibleCities Christian Fellowship: Buffalo/Amherst NY


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Testimonies of Miracles:
Our Heavenly Father longs to show Himself strong to whose who will believe His Holy Word. Jesus said this: "If you will just believe; you will see the glory of God." [Jn:11:40]

Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM & Thursday Evening at 7:00 pm.
Visit us and find out how others have received miracles of healing, deliverance and financial provision - and learn for yourself how to obtain the supernatural power and promises of God.

Instant Healing and Miracle Finances!
Dear Reverend Slyde, I want to let you know how I have been super-blessed by your ministry! Since becoming a regular part of your ministry God has blessed me in every area of my life - all due to the revelation that God has given you to share with the Body of Christ. I have received numerous financial miracles by applying the principals you teach on divine prosperity and God has even increased my ministry. When I visited your fellowship and you prayed for the sciatica that has afflicted me for several years I was instantly healed. I thank God for you and your ministry, and for the awesome Bible teachings that you so generously share. Reverend Melody B. USA
Life Changing Results!
I read the teaching titled "Why Christians suffer" and since then I have a really changed my lifestyle, I try to do all the word all the time and favor keeps coming. There is favor every where I go. Praise the Lord and give thanks to him all you nations. Ayinbora: Bolgatanga Ghana
Miracle Healing and Family Saved!
I am my family were raised in India in the Sikh Religion. As you know, my mother was visiting from India and has suffered from severe head and neck pain for 12 years. The pain has been so bad that she has not been able to sleep and she has spent much money on doctors and medicines with no result. I was told about the healing miracles that take place at your fellowship. When I brought her to you and you laid hands on her she was instantly healed and hasn't had any pain since. And, because of what you  told us about Jesus my whole family received Christ as our Lord and Savior. B. Singh USA
All others I have spoken with could not answer my questions - but your messages have really changed mine and my family's lives. For the first time I actually stop and listen. God bless you for being such an inspiration. It has been absolutely humbling to see how present God can be in my life, how He truly is Jehovah-Jireh (God My Provider), and that my every need is provided for supernaturally. Thank you so very Pastor Moran and Bless you. Ricardo: Madeira Portugal
Spiritual Growth!
Wow! I thank god that I was directed to your teachings! My faith and understanding has increased. I thank God for your life and ministry, in the name of Jesus, amen!. Blessings:
Ann Marie: Wolverhampton England

Healed of Back Pain!
BibleCities Christian Fellowship is a place where the Holy Spirit manifests and leads our studies under the anointing of Reverend Slyde Moran. I can personally attest to a physical, financial and prosperity miracles since I began attending your Monday services. After spending an afternoon with severe back pain, I asked that hands be laid on me for healing. Following the leading of the Holy Spirit Reverend Moran instructed a particular individual to lay hands on me. What he didn't know is that the person he chose is the same person whom the Holy Spirit had revealed to me earlier that would be the one I needed to lay hands on me. I was immediately healed and my back has never felt better. 
Barbara S. USA
Victorious Living!
The past two years have been a struggle but God gave me the strength and the courage to make it thru! I cannot thank you enough for your teachings. They are a constant encouragement and a help. 
Theresa G. USA
Supernatural Prosperity!
Pastor Moran taught extensively on the subject of how to believe the Lord for the provision and prosperity that He has already provided thru His riches in His glory. He taught us the Biblical principals of how we are able - through the process of sowing - and speaking by faith into our situations - to reap a supernatural harvest and claim our inheritance. Over a period of time, by applying the Biblical truths I learned at the Fellowship I went from making hundreds per month at my job(s) to where I am presently making thousands of dollars per month! Praise God that His word is true and that He is faithful to perform that which He promised! B.S. USA
Set Free From Tradition:
WI want to say thank you again. I have made it part of my daily walk to listen to one of your teachings. They are truly opening my eyes, I feel so blessed to be able to hear what God has shown you in the word. Through your teachings I feel myself drawing closer to him. I admit I had to let go of many things that I have been taught, and learn things I haven't been taught. By the time I was led to you, I was so ready for something real, I just didn't know how to obtain it. I was real hungry for Him, I still am. Your teachings are making a very BIG impact in my life and I just want you to know that. God bless you and thank you for allowing God to use you to led us closer to him. Grace and Peace.
Minister Michelle B.: Sacramento CA
Healed of Gout!

In December I was experiencing a bout of gout that was so painful I could barely walk. While attending the Monday Fellowship meeting Reverend Slyde noticed I was in pain and asked about it. After explaining the situation Reverend Slyde called 3 people to lay hands on me and they spoke to the gout casting it out. Within 2 days it was completely gone! Reverend Slyde told me that if it tried to come back again to speak to it myself. Recently it tried to come back and I did what Pastor Slyde did and it left just like the Bible says it will. Praise God I am healed! Alan P. USA
Financial Miracle!
I have needed a new car for a long time but because of my income I just could not afford one. After hearing your teaching on supernatural provision and prosperity I asked you to pray in agreement with me for my new car. Within just a few months God supernaturally provided a way for me to get a new car! Thank you for everything. B. Perry USA
Feeding the Poor - Caring for the Orphan!
I am very very thankful to you for your prayers, fellowship, and for helping us to buy food for our Orphan Children's Home. The children suffer daily from lack of food and education and your support has met very great needs of our Children home, So I want to say thank you to all who contribute this love offering, it is our prayer that may God pour out His blessing upon you and ministry abundantly. We hope that you can visit us one day to see what the Lord has done here in our country. It all because of the prayers of saints and your support. We appreciate so much the way you stand with us in prayer and finances for without your support we will not be able to do much here. Thank once again and may god bless you. Pastor T.L. Haokip - Bangalore India
Sinuses Healed!
For many years I have had recurring problems with my sinuses. Allergies and infections have often made it extremely difficult to breath easily. While I was attending one of your Monday Fellowship meetings, Reverend Moran asked if anyone needed healing. I came forward and told him the problem. To my surprise, instead of laying his hands on me, Reverend Slyde told me to lay my own hands on my sinuses and to claim healing in the name of Jesus. I did as he said and shortly thereafter my sinuses drained and I haven't had any allergies, infections or even symptoms since. Thank God for BibleCities Christian Fellowship and Pastor Moran. A. P. USA
Empowered By the Word!
Your sermons are powerful! Just really incomparable to other sermons I have heard in my whole life. They give me strength. It's power awakens every cell of my body. I listen to it when I wake up, when I cook, when I wash, when I clean up our house, before and during I nap, after I nap, until nighttime before I sleep. Let me tell you, Reverend, that I have read so many self-help books for many years. And yet, I just could not find the answers. I tried applying them many years ago, but your sermons sum up all these self-help books. But they are far more effective and powerful! Pastor Slyde! I thank God He led me to you! Jessica: Washington DC